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The activity of Cantieri Renier started in the 80s

During his childhood, Luigi Renier moved his first approaches to the nautical business, gaining various experiences in boat sales, assembly, testing and design.

The beginning of the new millennium brought with it the first partnerships with important shipyards: Luigi gave some key indications regarding the design with particular attention to the division and distribution of the spaces on board.

Driven by the need to have full decision-making autonomy with the aim of creating the "perfect" product, between 2011 and 2012 began the first experiments in construction, beginning to acquire the necessary skills to face and manage the different cunstruction phases.


In September 2014 the R project was born and and it benefited from all experiences gained over the years. The intent was to create a RIB that combines form and function and that represents the state of the art in terms of structural, plant, navigability, finishing and attention to detail.


In July 2016, after almost two years of study, planning and construction, the first R9 was launched at Cala di Palermo: it was enthusiastically welcomed by customers and nautical and press operators.​


In September 2017, R9 was presented to the great international public in the prestigious setting of the Cannes Boat Show: it immediately received many appreciations from visitors and operators.

In May 2018 the first example of R6 is launched the family "little gem". As for R9 the launch took place at the Cala di Palermo: the choice of an intimate and familiar stage for the launch of its products testifies to the strong connection of the shipyard with the region and the city of Palermo.​​


Renier RIBs are hand-built in Palermo thanks to the work of skilled and competent craftmen, always ready to follow the passion and enthusiasm of their "helmsman".

Cantieri Renier is a young and dynamic reality but consolidated by all these skills and qualities.

21/07/2016 - Varo R9

Settembre 2017 - Cannes Boat Festival

25/05/2018 - Varo R6